Socket Fusion Kits

Pressure rating:

Category: Fusion Machine

SF socket fusion kits mainly include parts as followed:
High-quality electric tube heater;
Electronic temperature controller;
Plastic handle;
Fusion Adaptors;
Good quality tool box.
SF socket fusion kits adopt the analog electronic control circuit, and micro- computer controlling circuit.

Product feature:
Quick temperature rising;
High temperature accuracy;
Easy and reliable operation;
Digital temperature set;
Auto environmental temperature correction;
Real temperature display;
Self-alarming when temperature exceeds the set temperature.

Technical Parameter:
Enrion. Temp.: -20°C-60°C
Moisture: 45%-95%
Voltage range: AC 85V-265V
Frequency: 60+-1 Hz
Factory set up temp. for heater: 260+-5%
Showing temp. Range: 0°C-315°C
Temp. Setting Range: 20°C-315°C
Warning Temp.: 25°C higher than setting temp.
Security Index: Insulated Resistance >=1 MΩ

Recommend the welding temperature of the pipe
PP-R      260℃
PB        240℃
HDPE     220-230℃

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