PERT Pre-insulated Pipe

Pressure rating:

Category: PERT Piping System

PERT II pre-insulated pipe is divided into 3 layers.

The inner layer is the PERT II pressure pipe, high temperature& stress resistance.

The middle layer is the PU (polyurethane) foam, excellent insulation function, heat conductivity only 0.032W/mK.

The outer layer is the protection layer, made by HDPE thin wall pipe.

The heat conductivity of PERT II pipe is 1% of steel pipe.

Only 0.1°C loss per kilo meter.

The three layers expansion coefficient is similar, combine together tightly. Smart Joint produce the pre-insulated pipe one time, which guarantees the good insulation quality and save the pipe cost.

Pre-insulated pipe feature:

Max. working temp. 80°C, failure temp. 110°C softening point,

Max. working pressure 1.0 Mpa, considering ratio of designing stress calculation 1.25-1.5,

Ring stiffness(external stress load) SN20 according to thermal plastic pipe ring stiffness test,

Working life span 30-50 years, 50 years under working temp. 70°C. lower temperature, longer life span,

Better stress cracking resistance under low temperature compare to PPR pipe,

Max. pipe size can go up to 400mm,

Suitable for butt welding and electrofusion similar to PE pipe.




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