Full Electrofusion Saddle

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Category: PE Pressure Piping System

Full electrofusion saddle branch is an idea branch solution for the large size main pipes. The main pipes size goes up to 2500mm, the branch size goes up to 1000mm. The bottom curved part of full electrofusion saddle which contact with the main pipe and the branch part are both coiled with electrofusion wire.

Full electrofusion saddle branch has the followed advantages:
A、There is no need to consider in advance about the location of branches in main PE pipe construction, without concerns on the branch location, the design of main pipe is free from restriction . Full electrofusion saddle branch can be placed and installed easily where the branch is needed after the completion of the main pipe installation.

B、The branches part also can adopt electrofusion , which works as an electrofusion coupler and is more convenient than butt fusion and saves time, no need to move the heavy butt fusion machine everywhere.
C. It helps to reduce the cost for both fittings and construction. Compare to traditional fabricated tee, or injected reducing tee with reducers fabricated, smart joint full electrofusion saddle solution is easier and much cheaper.

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