Extrusion Welding Gun

Pressure rating:

Category: Fusion Machine

Hot air extrusion welding gun is designed with structure that integrates the hot air warming up and welding rod.
It's widely used in many industries such as plastic welding, plastic corrosion resistance, welding of plastainer, welding of plastic pipes and plastic pipe fittings, galvanization.
Easy operation, continuous work, high efficiency and high extrusion pressure

Technical specification:
Model: SJG-01      
Rated voltage: 220v
Motor power: 1100w,
Hot air power: 3400w
Air Temperature 20-600℃,    
Extrudate Temperature: 200-300℃
Hot Air Flowage: 500L/min
Welding rod diameter: ¢3.0-3.5mm

The Application
Thermoplastic HDPE, PP and PVDF, PE
Do not use this machine on the current-conducting plastics (PE-EL), which will lead to short circuit.
The usage of this machine on tankage and pipe fittings is in accord with the 4th chapter of DVS standard ( Deutsch welding association)
This machine can be used with welding line wider than 10mm.

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