EF Coupler

Pressure rating:

Category: PE Pressure Piping System

Smart Joint electrofusion couplers size ranges from 20mm to 1400mm, pressure rating major for SDR11&SDR17, some large sizes for SDR21&SDR26.

Depending on the sizes, smart joint electrofusion couplers are divided as followed table:

One fusion zone, two adaptors.

Two fusion zone, four adaptors.

One-step fusion process, one white fusion barcode.

Two-steps fusion process, one yellow pre-heat barcode, on white fusion barcode.

Electrofusion Coupler Size Fusion Zone Fusion Process
20mm-255mm One Fusion Zone One-step Fusion Process
250mm-400mm One Fusion Zone Two-steps Fusion Process
450mm-1400mm Two Fusion Zones Two-steps Fusion Process in Each Fusion Zone

All electrofusion installation shall be performed by a trained and certified technician.

For the large size electrofusion couplers, if the pipe has severe ovality problems, re-round process will be required to guarantee the reliable joint.

If the large pipe OD is not within the standard tolerance, please contact with smart joint in advance, we can machine the coupler per the requirement.

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