Butt Fusion Machine (FM355) Welder

Application: Mining, Water

Working pressure: SDR9, SDR7,SDR11,PN20,PN25,PN16

Size: 315mm, 355mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 560mm, 630mm, 710mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 42”, 48”, 63”

Standard: AS4129, ISO4427, EN12201, F2880, AWWA C906, D2513

Smart Joint starts fusion machine and PE fittings production since 1992.Products are widely distributed all over the world.

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Our major products includes: 
1: A complete range of EF fittings(Advantaged products: EF coupler up to 1400mm, EF saddle up to 2500*1000mm, Small Tapping Tee)
2: A complete range of BF fittings( Advantaged products: Flange Stub up to 1600mm in different standard, tee/elbow up to 630mm, reducer/cap up to 1000mm)
3: A complete range of drainge fittings for toliet and kitchen
4: A complete range of butt fusion machine up to 2000mm( Specially developped for Australian and South Africa market FM225 and FM355, Advantaged products: Automatic Fusion Machine for gas industry)
5: A complete range of electrousion machine up to 1000mm( English, Russian, Spanish Operation) 
6: overseas technical support and service.

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FM355 Butt Fusion Machine with wheels
Welding range from 355mm to 110mm

Base machine with 4 sets of clamp and different sizes inserts, 2 hydraulic cylinders. It can realize pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting welding easily.

Heater coated with Teflon which guarantee the high quality fusion. Intelligence Temperature Controller on heater head can control the temperature precisely. It can be placed in the storage shelf when it is free.

Storage Shelf and Electric Control Box which has voltmeter, emergency stopper, sockets for facer, heater and hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic unit with clamp moving control, pressure release button, pressure regulation valve, manometer and accumulator. It can control the pressure in each phase precisely.

Flange stub holder to clamp the flange stub.
Item No. FM-355
Pipe Range 355mm-110mm
Power Supply Single-Phase 220V
Heater Power 3KW
Facer Power 0.75KW
Hydraulic Power 1.1KW
Total Power 4.85KW
Environ. Temp. -10degree - 45degree
Heater Temp. Rise 20-30Min
Pressure Range 0-8Mpa
Hydraulic Surface 1622mm2
Item FM-355
Standard Insert 315mm, 250mm200mm, 160mm, 110mm
Optional Insert 280mm, 225mm, 180mm, 140mm, 125mm
Components Base Machine, Facer, Hydraulic Unit, Heater, Facer, Storage Shelf & Electric Control Box, Insert and Flange Stub Holder
Packing Size 1230*890*1170
Total G. W 350KG


PE Pipe Electrofusion Coupler 1400mm Electrofusion Tapping Tee for HDPE Pipe Line