PERT Fittings

PERT II ( PE for raised temperature) is a high performance hexane-based compound primarily intended for hot(80°C) & cold water pipe as well as demanding industrial pipe applications.

PERT II characteristics are:

a PE-RT Type II classification;
a superior resistance to slow crack growth coupled with a MRS of 10 MPa, ensuring safe and durable pipe systems operation;
a broad bimodal molecular weight distribution offering outstanding processing properties from small bore pipes to large diameter pipes extrusion, for both mono- and multilayer applications;
an optimized formulation of additives providing excellent long-term stability in service at elevated temperatures.

It offers outstanding processing properties. Small bore mono- and multi-layer pipes can be produced at high speed while maintaining an excellent gauge control.
Conversely, high throughput extrusion of large diameter industrial pipes is made possible on standard HDPE equipment thanks to the low sag behavior of the resin.

Similar to PE material, it’s suitable for both butt fusion, socket fusion & electrofusion. 
Smart Joint offers a complete range of fittings, pipes and fusion machines to complete the PERT II  network up to 400mm.

Compare to Steel Pipe, PERT II piping system:

Pre-insulated piping system, reduce the heat loss during the hot water transportation,
Life span up to 30-40 years, operation temperature 80 degree.
Environmental friendly, material recyclable,
Butt fusion and electrofusion joints, easy for the installation, good sealing for the whole system,
Decrease the hot water piping operation and maintenance cost,
Compare to steel pipe, material cost +15%-20%,
Compare to steel pipe, installation cost -40%,
Compare to steel pipe, free from maintenance.